ANDRONIS is a boutique jewellery brand specialising in fine bespoke jewellery, renowned for innovative and stunning designs and impeccable craftsmanship.


Angelo Andronis is a passionate designer and relentless master craftsman. He discovered his passion for fine jewellery as a teenager, searching for a career that allowed him full creative control. An already talented artist, Angelo approached jewellery making with the same devotion, drawing upon immeasurable inspiration and applying ruthless determination to create remarkable pieces of jewellery.

Angelo’s inherently avant-garde approach to both design and manufacturing saw him as the youngest ever recipient of the prestigious DeBeers Supreme Diamond Design award at 23 years old. Though this accolade was certainly a testament to his talent and dedication, the most honourable seal of approval came from his flourishing roster of esteemed clients from around Australia.

Today, Angelo continues to create incredible bespoke pieces for his valued clientele, and the Andronis boutique is host to an eclectic array of fine jewellery, created both by Andronis and by designers around Australia and the world.



Customers are warmly invited to shop the retail boutique during opening hours, or to book a bespoke consultation with Angelo please call (07) 3852 4555 or email